Akylai - AI ассистент на кыргызском языке

Open source проект с целью создать аналог Siri для кыргызского языка

Это инициатива была начата The Cramer Project в 2023 году в сотрудничестве с Парком Высоких Технологий, Кыргызским Техническим Университетом, Kloop.kg, общественным фондом BilimDo и компанией Inkubasia.

High Technologies Park

Команда экспертов

Team member 01

Adil Adenov

ML Engineer

An ML Engineer and team lead in 360.tech, provides AI services in the banking industry. Experienced professional with a focus on Computer Vision.

Team member 02

Alina Tillabaeva

Data Scientist

NLP specialist with the education in computational linguistics. I specialize on chat bot development  and automatic text processing.

Team member 03

Aman Urumbekov

Data Scientist

An Enthusiastic Computer Vision and Deep Learning Engineer and Researcher who Loves to Set and Achieve Big Goals

Team member 04

Bakbergen Ryskulov

ML Engineer

Currently, ML Engineer in Multiverse Computing, Spain. Has experience of work as data scientist in Beeline and Deloitte. Has a MSc. in Quantitative Economics from UAB, Spain

Team member 05

Daniiar Abdiev

ML Engineer

ML Engineer at Talabat, Founder of CodeSquire.ai. Has expertise in developing, designing, and deploying deep learning models for AI applications

Team member 06

Eldiias Dzhamankulov

Data Scientist

Paris bases Data Scientist with confirmed expertise on a wide range of problems. Currently working @Solvay, supporting digitalisation initiatives. Main topics of interest: classical ML, optimization and interpretable AI.

Team member 07

Ilgiz Zhumaev

Data Scientist

Data Scientist at AiylBank with expertise in NLP and AI solutions for banking services. Has expertise in analyzing and interpreting large volumes of text data to solve problems related to the banking industry.

Team member 08

Khakim Davurov

Data Analyst

A Senior Data Analyst at Kloop.kg, a leading media and news service in Kyrgyzstan. Professional who specializes in analyzing and interpreting large sets of data including social media analytics, web traffic data, and public datasets.

Team member 09

Meerim Abdrahmanova

Project Manager

Project Manager and social activist. Founder of a social foundation BilimDo. Expertise in educational projects in Kyrgyzstan, passionate about creating positive change in community through the development of impactful social projects.

Team member 10

Timothy Lee

Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist Workday. Has expertise in developing, designing, and deploying deep learning models for industrial AI applications

Team member 11

Timur Turatali

Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist @ Citibank, ex-EY. Co-founder Data Science community of Kyrgyzstan. Main topics of interest: classical ML, Fintech, NLP

Team member 09

Ulan Abdurazakov

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineer with experience in major SaaS and Edtech, specializes in designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based solutions for educational institutions that use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications

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